Fit Services

Whether you’re aiming to stand on a podium or commuting to work, riding a bike is supposed to be comfortable and fun! Bike fit plays a huge role in ride quality and enjoyability - a proper bike fit will both minimize discomfort and increase riding efficiency. Let us help you discover your bike’s full potential! Each of our fit services are a dynamic fit, meaning the assessment of riding position and adjustments will be made during an on-the-bike trainer session, seeing how you adapt to the adjustments in real time. You will have access to a before and after video footage of your riding position, and detailed documentation on the changes that were suggested and/or made.

Performance Fit - $110 (approx. 1 hour)

  • Included with each bike purchase over $1000
  • Pre-fit interview regarding goals for the fit session and current issues with comfort/fit/efficiency
  • Adjustment of the 3 contact points - adjustment of handlebar, seat, and basic cleat position. Assessment and adjustment critical body angles as you ride your bike in a trainer.
  • Suggestions of bike components affecting bike fit (stem, handlebars, pedals, shoes)**

Pedal Stroke Optimization - $140 (approx. 1hr)*

  • Get fit from the foot up! Foot-Pedal interface is all too often overlooked - critical leg/hip/spinal alignment starts with your foot’s attachment to the pedal!
  • An excellent option for those experiencing foot, knee, or leg pain
  • Pre-fit interview regarding goals for fit session, cycling history, and current issues with comfort/efficiency
  • This fit uses video analysis of your pedal stroke as a guide for the 5 primary cleat adjustments
  • Corrections to the pedal stroke (such as aiding alignment of the knee over the center of the cleat) may be obtained using cleat wedges (designed by Paul Swift of BikeFit)
  • Fit pricing includes installation of cleat wedges, shoe inserts, and small pedal spacers, if deemed appropriate by fitter.

Advanced fit - $225 (approx. 2 hrs)*

  • Complete introductory interview. Includes discussing goals for fit session and reviewing any issues impacting your comfort/fit on the bicycle such as past fit experiences, cycling history, health issues, or any injuries.
  • Foot-pedal interface adjustment and pedal stroke optimization. Analysis of your pedal stroke will guide the 5 primary adjustments that can be made to your cleats for optimal performance.
  • Fit pricing includes installation of cleat wedges, shoe inserts, and small pedal spacers, if deemed appropriate by fitter.
  • Adjustment of the remaining contact points on the bike (left and right hands and seat) and product recommendations of products to improve fit.

Cleat Install - $25 (approx. 15-30 min)

  • Got new shoes? Looking for a new cleat system? First time going clipless? Let us give you a hand!
  • Includes installation of cleats in neutral position

Bike Sizing - $25 (approx. 30min - 1hr)

  • An option for those in the market for a new bicycle and unsure of their framesize
  • Includes anatomical measurements relevant to frame size
  • Mock up frame geometry using the Calfee sizing cycle
  • Provide relevant/similar bikes for test ride (if currently in stock)

*  Please arrive to the recreational/commuter fit or advanced fit session warmed up and with your typical riding gear (riding shorts, shoes and pedals especially).

** Additional costs for replacement parts may be incurred and will be discussed as they arise.

Repair Services

Listed below are some of the most commonly requested services, however this list is not comprehensive. Please call if you are interested in a service not mentioned.

Tubes/Flat Repairs

  • Tube Changes $7-9*

Tune Ups/Bike Builds/Shipping

  • Tune Up - Single Speed $60
  • Tune Up - Multi-Speed $80
  • Drive Train Clean $120
  • Box and Pack for Shipment $45
  • Assemble New From Box - Single Speed $70
  • Assemble New From Box - Multi-Speed $90
  • Assemble (From Bare Frame) $160
  • Assemble (Swap Parts From Bike) $200


  • Brake Adjustments $15-20*
  • Brake Pad/Cable Install $20-25*
  • Brake Install $25
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Install $35
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed $25

Cranks/Bottom Brackets

  • Crank Install $20-25*
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket $15-20*
  • Install Bottom Bracket $20-25*


  • Install Fork $30
  • Install Headset $30
  • Install Headset and Fork $50
  • Adjust Headset $15


  • Install Flat Handlebars $20
  • Swap Drop Handlebars (includes rewrapping tape) $40
  • Wrap Bar Tape $15
  • Cut Handlebars $15


  • Adjust Derailleur $15-25*
  • Install Derailleur $25
  • Install Derailleur Cable $20-25*


  • Adjust Hub $15-20*
  • True Wheel $15-20*
  • Install Spoke and True Wheel $25-30*
  • Overhaul Hub $25-35*
  • Custom Wheel Build - Parts Purchased From Us $50
  • Custom Wheel Build - Parts Purchased Elsewhere $70

Frame Prep/Repair

  • Basic Rear Triangle Alignment $45
  • Basic Drop Out Alignment $30
  • Chase Bottom Bracket Threads $30
  • Face & Chase Bottom Bracket $60
  • Face & Ream Head Tube $45

Suspension Fork Service

  • Factory Recommended Service $55-75 + parts kit
    Includes basic seal kit installation (Dust seals/O-rings, crush washers) and oil replacement
  • Full Service Kit Installation $75-95 + parts kit

* Price ranges are based on differing component types/severity of the repair needed.