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Baltimore’s only worker owned and democratically operated bicycle shop

Here at Baltimore Bicycle Works, our goal is to put more people on bikes because they’re practical, sustainable, beautiful, and fun! From full-suspension mountain bikes to sturdy urban commuters to carbon road bikes, we love them all.

Many people come in and ask what our shop is all about, so we think an introduction is in order. We are a friendly, service oriented bicycle shop ready to handle all your cycling needs. We work hard to make sure our shop is a comfortable place for folks new to cycling to learn more, and for experienced riders to get the latest parts and expert service.

We think bike shops shouldn’t be so elite as to ignore the needs of your average bicycle commuter or recreational rider. We listen to and value all of our customers no matter what kind of bike they ride, or how they ride it. As such, we carry bikes and accessories that make it practical and easy to enjoy riding a bike, no matter what you ride or where it takes you. Visit our Bikes/Parts page to learn more about some of the brands we are currently carrying.

In addition to our commitment to building the cycling community here in Baltimore, we are committed to democracy and so have organized our bike shop as a workers cooperative. What does that mean to our customers? It means that every person you interact with at our shop is either an equal owner of the business, or someone working towards becoming an owner. This translates to exceptional customer service and a deep commitment from all of our staff members to making sure you receive quality service and advice that keeps you coming back.

Above all, we love Baltimore, we love bikes and we love the work we do. We want to see this city continue to flourish and develop as the next great cycling city.

Our Location

1813 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21201
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Have a question about your bike? Need to place a special order? Want to learn more about us and what we carry? Drop us a line...

410 605 0705

Store Hours

Of course, you can always just stop by the shop:

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12pm - 5pm Monday
11am - 7pm Tuesday - Friday
11am - 5pm Saturday - Sunday

Who We Are

Worker Member

Bernardo finds his way from Minneapolis to Baltimore to attend Goucher College. His love for cycling surfaced in his teen years when he discovered he could sleep in an extra 30 minutes if he ditched the bus and rode his bike to school instead. Bernardo continues to live car free here in Baltimore andc̶a̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶t̶e̶n̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶m̶a̶s̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶Y̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶
̶o̶n̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶f̶i̶x̶e̶d̶ ̶g̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶b̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶a̶v̶o̶i̶d̶ ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶l̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶ has graduated college. Since graduating, Bernardo has become one of our dedicated fit specialists, and actually has time to ride his bikes for fun and not just transportation.

Worker Member

A bicycle mechanic since the age of 15, a graduate of the United Bicycle Institute, he’s worked on just about every kind of bike there is. His passion for wrenching and changing the bicycle industry is what makes him a driving force behind BBW.

Worker Member

Chris has been living car free for almost 20 years and is extremely knowledgeable about how to make cycling a fun, easy and safe part of your life. He recognized his talent for working on bikes through helping friends build bikes in his basement. Through his work at BBW, Chris hopes to help build the cycling community here in Baltimore and see others find the simple joys of riding a bike.

Worker Member

Mer comes to us from San Antonio, by way of Memphis. Mer has been working in the bike industry since 2010, and brings both her expert mechanical skills and talent as a designer, helping to keep the bikes at BBW running smooth, and the shop looking pretty. In keeping with her Southern heritage, Mer likes eating vegan soul food, and riding bikes nice and slow. Talk to her about prepping for anything; from your next off-road tour, to Cannondale Lefty’s, to your 2 mile commute downtown—or just let her wax poetic about the virtues of mini-velos.

Shop Cat

Falkor is our very own personal ‘luck dragon’. From the moment he wandered into our doors, he has forever changed BBW for the better. Falkor is quite possibly the most well liked and sought after member of our staff and certainly gets the most attention on our Instagram. He loves snoozing all day, kitty treats and greeting everyone who stops in.

Worker Member

Like so many of his generation, David got seriously into riding bikes through the fixed-gear boom of the mid 2000’s. Since then, David has graduated to geared bikes, and spends most of his saddle time doing long, mixed-surface rides and crushing it around town. David’s passions lie in putting fancy, new parts on cool, older bikes; friction shifting; saying, “WOW!”; and climbing mountains with his dog, Thor, who he loves dearly.  Doctors still haven’t figured out how David eats only pizza and doughnuts and is still faster than you.

Worker Member

A truly brilliant mechanic and rider, there are few things on a bike that Brent can’t fix or do. With over 10 years experience in the industry, Brent’s skills are a major asset at BBW, and a big reason why people keep coming back for world class service.

Worker Member

Originally from Michigan, Scott came to Baltimore and joined BBW in 2012. When he’s not repairing bikes at the shop, look for him racing in pink for Team BBC. Come in and talk to Scott about your next custom wheel build or simply catch up on the latest industry news - his laid back attitude and charming personality will make you glad you did.

Worker Member

As a UBI graduate with years of shop experience under his belt, Casey has come from snowy Michigan to deliver the world class customer service you have come to expect from BBW. Although Casey’s knowledge extends to all types of bicycles, he is happiest riding classic, upright bikes and has even been seen applying twine and shellac to the handlebars of unsuspecting coworkers.  Casey’s encyclopedic product knowledge, and insistence at maintaining a high level of comfort at all times, has also made him an invaluable addition to our team of bicycle fitters.