Fit Services

Whether you’re aiming to stand on a podium or commuting to work, riding a bike is supposed to be comfortable and fun! Bike fit plays a huge role in ride quality and enjoyability - a proper bike fit will both minimize discomfort and increase riding efficiency. Let us help you discover your bike’s full potential! Each of our fit services are a dynamic fit, meaning the assessment of riding position and adjustments will be made during an on-the-bike trainer session, seeing how you adapt to the adjustments in real time. You will have access to a before and after video footage of your riding position, and detailed documentation on the changes that were suggested and/or made.

Performance Fit

approx. 1 hour

  • Included with each bike purchase over $1000

  • Pre-fit interview regarding goals for the fit session and current issues with comfort/fit/efficiency

  • Adjustment of the 3 contact points - adjustment of handlebar, seat, and basic cleat position. Assessment and adjustment critical body angles as you ride your bike in a trainer.

  • Suggestions of bike components affecting bike fit (stem, handlebars, pedals, shoes)**

Pedal Stroke Optimization

(approx. 1hr)*

  • Get fit from the foot up! Foot-Pedal interface is all too often overlooked - critical leg/hip/spinal alignment starts with your foot’s attachment to the pedal!

  • An excellent option for those experiencing foot, knee, or leg pain

  • Pre-fit interview regarding goals for fit session, cycling history, and current issues with comfort/efficiency

  • This fit uses video analysis of your pedal stroke as a guide for the 5 primary cleat adjustments

  • Corrections to the pedal stroke (such as aiding alignment of the knee over the center of the cleat) may be obtained using cleat wedges (designed by Paul Swift of BikeFit)

  • Fit pricing includes installation of cleat wedges, shoe inserts, and small pedal spacers, if deemed appropriate by fitter.

Advanced fit

(approx. 2 hrs)*

  • Complete introductory interview. Includes discussing goals for fit session and reviewing any issues impacting your comfort/fit on the bicycle such as past fit experiences, cycling history, health issues, or any injuries.

  • Foot-pedal interface adjustment and pedal stroke optimization. Analysis of your pedal stroke will guide the 5 primary adjustments that can be made to your cleats for optimal performance.

  • Fit pricing includes installation of cleat wedges, shoe inserts, and small pedal spacers, if deemed appropriate by fitter.

  • Adjustment of the remaining contact points on the bike (left and right hands and seat) and product recommendations of products to improve fit.

Bike Sizing

(approx. 30min - 1hr)

  • An option for those in the market for a new bicycle and unsure of their framesize

  • Includes anatomical measurements relevant to frame size

  • Mock up frame geometry using the Calfee sizing cycle

  • Provide relevant/similar bikes for test ride (if currently in stock)

Cleat Install

(approx. 15-30 min) 

  • Got new shoes? Looking for a new cleat system? First time going clipless? Let us give you a hand!

  • Includes installation of cleats in neutral position