Why choose us to build your custom wheels?

  • Exceptional Quality:
    Uniform and proper spoke tension, spoke prep, consistency

  • No limitations:
    Customization of lacing pattern, materials, etc.

  • Our Experience:
    Our countless years of industry experience allow us to know what components are the best and how to make them work perfectly with your bike

Here at Baltimore Bicycle Works, we have a passion for building wheels. We love talking about custom wheel builds and getting that perfect combination of parts into our customers hands. Regardless of where your bike takes you, we are happy to extend our knowledge, customer service and workmanship to help you find the perfect wheel build for your ride.

Just fill out the form below to start the conversation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of worker-owners will get back to you quickly. We can work with customers who already have their ideal wheel build in mind, or we are happy to suggest builds based on your intended use, riding style, and budget. As a brick and mortar bicycle shop, we can get pretty much any bicycle component out there, so the sky is the limit.

New Wheel Build Labor - $50


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