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Surly “The Urbanizer” East Coast Tour


Our friends from Surly Bikes are coming to Baltimore, March 28th! We are going to be hanging out, drinking beer, and going on a mixed terrain group ride so come by and contribute to the good times. If you have a Surly, bring it. If you don’t, Surly is going to be bringing a demo fleet of some of their finest bikes from the 2017 line up for you to tool around on. Don’t want to ride a demo bike? Run what you brung, just bring a good attitude.

Here are the dirty details: The group ride is going to be leaving the shop around 6:30; we are going to be riding out to Lake Roland, hanging out in the woods for a little bit, and riding back.  The ride should end up being under 20 miles at an easy pace with a good mix of dirt and road, and the potential for small hike-a-bike sections—we’ll see how we’re all feeling.  If you bring adult beverages, make sure they are in opaque containers so we can maintain our plausible deniability; as always, ride responsibly.  We should all expect to be back at the shop at 9:00 pm at the latest.  Bring lights if you’ve got them!

Surly will be bringing a whol fleet of demo bikes that you can take for a spin on this ride; bikes will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so if you know you want to ride one thing in particular, show up early and claim it! Here’s a list of what Surly is bringing: Troll SM,MD,LG,XL; Big Fat Dummy MD; 27.5+ Karate Monkey XS,SM; Krampus MD; 650b Straggler 38,46,50; Straggler Apex 52,54,56,58; Flat-Bar Cross Check 52, 54, 56, 58.  A few of these bikes are classics, but some of them are more esoteric models that we don’t usually get a chance to keep on the floor, so take advantage of this opportunity to fall in love with something new!

There are bars in the neighborhood that we may decide to descend on after the ride is over, if we’re not all partied out.  See y’all soon!

Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 01:55 PM by admin