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More Schooley Mill Details

Schooley Mill Cross is this Sunday, November 11th!! Please join us for what is shaping up to be a very exciting event. Schooley Mill is the 6th race in the popular MABRA Super 8 Series which pulls riders from the Baltimore/DC Metro area. The weekend forecast is looking awesome, so don’t delay, register today. Registration is now open on

Other Schooley Mill Details Include :

Schooley Mill Park
13031 Hall Shop Rd
Highland, MD 20777

New Course for 2012: With obstacles unlike any others found in the Mid-Atlantic, this is a horse of a course. This equestrian facility offers impeccable spectating as riders race across a large and varied course perfect for those with a need for speed. Due to some construction at the park, we’ve added some fast sections in the woods to go along with winding technical sections, several dismounts (including the dreaded horse-jump), and a 250-meter start. Be prepared to show off those barrier skills in front of the beer tent!  Check out the this informational map on Google maps.

Neutral Support: Baltimore Bicycle Works will be holding it down all day to provide neutral support for any registered racer who is in need. We’ll be taking care of all your on the spot repair needs from fixing flats in a jiff to brake and derailleur adjustments to make sure your performing at your best (or at least your bike is).

Team Tents: Our Team Zone is located close to the action (and the beer tent). Check out the link map above for that local. There will be a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the team zone. We have room for 12 tents, a few of which are already spoken for, so do not delay, contact our team zone coordinator Patrick Felton @ .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Food and Drink: We will have Sofi’s Crepes on hand to fill all your calorie needs. Their menu will include a delightful mix of breakfast, lunch and sweet crepes. The perfect food for a CX race since they are served hot, fresh & fast and only take one hand to eat. Fill you other hand with a classic Baltimore beer, Natty BoH. The Beer Tent will be flowing with this easy drinker all day. And hey the first glass is on us! (Registered racers and volunteers only)

Prizes: Baltimore Bicycle Works is getting in shipments of prizes daily. Wanna see what is going to be on the podium, check out our Facebook page.

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