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Bromptons Are Here!

After many weeks of awaiting their arrival, we have received our first shipment of Bromptons. These amazing bikes bring together the performance of a high-quality fixed-frame with the convenience of a genuine folding bike. Built by hand, from scratch, in their West London factory, Brompton offers riders a folding bike that is built to last and be used everyday for years to come.

These bikes are perfect for the commuting professional looking for a bike that will get them to the train station on time, fold in 15 seconds flat, and ride along with them. No need to worry about your bike being stolen again. They are also great for traveling!

We love Bromptons because they offer a quality product not matched in the folding bike industry and they are truly fun to ride! These are folding bikes you will want to ride on the weekend and pass down to your kids, no kidding. Stop by the shop and take one for a ride, it will change your mind about folding bikes.  I know it changed mine!

Bikes I Dig Thursday, June 03, 2010 at 05:50 PM by Meredith